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IDCPOS - Point Of Sale Solutions
Choose from a list of exciting and new features all while increasing your profits. With an initial investment in equipment / hardware you can reduce costs in a number of areas.

Printer paper that can add up over the course of months to hundreds if not thousands of dollars, just by using our digital kitchen solution.

Marketing fees can be greatly reduced by using our digital billboard which is uniquely tied in to our POS software solution to allow you to conveniently update your specials, show off your menu items, and even generate some revenue with advertising space.

Provide impeccable service to your customers with our "Hospitality Remotes" that put your customers in control of their ordering from food to drinks to calling their server and closing out their check. Advantages to this very new and exciting feature are the ability to capture impulse buys, keep your customers happy when they need quick service by putting the timing of the guest's experience in their control.

Easily manage your reports, menus, and pricing from the Backend and have visibility of inventory and labor vs. sales.

POS features:
Split checks
Rename Checks
Change table
Move items by seat
Move items to another check
Easily change seating layout, with graphic presentation to the waitstaff
Hide and show menu items, price change
Completely customizable POS graphical user interface

"Our goal is to provide you the best value for your Point of Sale equipment and provide ongoing service.
We continually look to improve our software and hardware solutions, focusing on ease of use, reliability, and value."
Provide the best customer service you can at an affordable price. Our goal is to help you get the best system in place at a affordable price.

New or used equipment options, if you already have equipment you can update and load new software and add new hardware features